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Our selection of house wares is simply too large to list. At AppliancesConnection we pride ourselves on giving our customers one of the most expansive house wares selection that you can find online. As always AppliancesConnecton has all the top brands right here. We have such a large selection that we included a convenient attribute search on the left. When you buy more you�ll save more.
Cuisinart Products
Cuisinart BFP703BC BFP703BC Smartpower Duet 500 Watt Blender/Food Processor With Die-cast Metal Housing, 48 Oz. Glass Blender Jar, 7 Speed Electronic Touchpad Controls, LED Indicator, in Chrome
Model #: BFP703BC

This smartpower duet 500 watt blender/food processor features 48 Oz. glass blender jar and 7 speed electronic touchpad controls with LED indicator.

Cuisinart Products
Cuisinart BFP650 BFP650 Velocity Ultra Trio 1 HP Blender/Food Processor With Travel Cups, 56 Oz. BPA-free Tritan Plastic Jar, Two 16 Oz. Travel Cups, Preprogrammed Smoothie and Ice Crush Functions, Electronic Controls, LED Indicators, in Aluminum
Model #: BFP650
This velocity ultra trio 1 hp blender/food processor with travel cups by Cuisinart features 56 Oz. BPA free Tritan plastic jar and two 16 Oz. travel cups. This unit also offers pre-programmed smoothie and ice crush fu ...

Color Options: Aluminum

Cuisinart BFP650GM

BFP650GM Gun Metal $149.00

Cuisinart Products
Cuisinart SPB650 SPB650 Velocity Ultra 7.5 1 HP Blender With 56 Oz. BPA Free Tritan Plastic Jar, Pulse Function, Pre-programmed Smoothie and Ice Crush Functions, Electronic Touchpad, LED Indicator, in Silver
Model #: SPB650
This velocity ultra 7.5 1HP blender by Cuisinart features 1 horsepower motor and 56 Oz. BPA free Tritan plastic jar with comfort grip handle. This unit also features electronic touchpad controls with LED indicators. ...

Cuisinart Products
Cuisinart SPB8 SPB8 Velocity 600 Watt Blender with 48 Oz. BPA free Tritan Plastic Jar, Electronic Touchpad Controls, LED Indicators, Patented Stainless Steel Blade, Sturdy Plastic Base, in White
Model #: SPB8

This velocity 600 watt blender by Cuisinart features 48 Oz. BPA-free Tritan plastic jar and tight-seal lid with 2 Oz. measuring cap. This unit also offers electronic touchpad controls with LED indicators.

Cuisinart Products
Cuisinart CPB380 CPB380 Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender With 1+ Peak HP, 32 Oz. BPA-Free Tritan Jar, 16 Oz. Double-wall Travel Cup, 16 Oz. Single Wall Travel Cup, 8 Oz. Chopper Cup, Removable Blade Assembly, 4 Heavy-Duty Reusable Straw, in Black Stainless Steel
Model #: CPB380
This hurricane compact juicing blender by Cuisinart features rotary dial control with pulse, low and high. This unit also coes with a 32 Oz. BPA free Tritan jar, 16 Oz. double wall travel cup with lock lid and 16 Oz. ...

Cuisinart Products
Cuisinart BFM1000 BFM1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer With LED Indicator Light, Bowl Seal, Blade Lock System, in White
Model #: BFM1000

This baby food maker and bottle warmer by Cuisinart is able to seam, chop/puree and features LED indicator light, as well as  patented bladelock system which holds the blade in place while pouring.

Cuisinart Products
Cuisinart CSB75BC CSB-75BC Smart Stick 2-Speed Hand Blender in Brushed Chrome
Model #: CSB75BC

CSB-75BC smart stick 2 speed hand blender in brushed chrome

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Cuisinart Products
Cuisinart CPK17 CPK-17 PerfectTemp Cordless Electric Kettle
Model #: CPK17

CPK-17 PerfectTemp cordless electric kettle

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Cuisinart Products
Cuisinart FP8GM FP-8GM Elemental 8 Cup Food Processor in Gunmetal
Model #: FP8GM

FP-8GM Elemental 8 cup food processor in gunmetal

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Cuisinart Products
Cuisinart DFP14BCWNY DFP-14BCWNY Custom 14 Food Processor in White Stainless
Model #: DFP14BCWNY

DFP-14BCWNY custom 14 food processor in white stainless

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Cuisinart Products
Cuisinart DFP14BCNY DFP-14BCNY Custom 14 Food Processor in Brushed Stainless
Model #: DFP14BCNY

DFP-14BCNY Custom 14 food processor in brushed stainless

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Cuisinart Products
Cuisinart DCC3200 DCC-3200 PerfecTetmp 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker
Model #: DCC3200

DCC-3200 PerfecTemp 14 cup programmable coffeemaker

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Bunn-O-Matic Products
Bunn-O-Matic 382000017 38200.0017 10 Cup Velocity Brew BT Thermal With Internal Hot Water Tank, Bunn-engineered Sprayhead, Double Wall Vacuum Insulated, in Silver
Model #: 382000017

This 10 cup velocity brew BT thermal by Bunn-O-Matic features internal hot water tank and Bunn-engineered sprayhead which ensures complete coffee ground extraction.

Bunn-O-Matic Products
Bunn-O-Matic 449000102 44900.0102 10 Cup Velocity Brew NHS with Internal Water Tank , Bunn-engineered Sprayhead, in Black
Model #: 449000102

This 10 cup velocity brew by Bunn-O-Matic features BUNN-engneered Sprayhead to ensures compelte coffee ground extraction.

Bunn-O-Matic Products
Bunn-O-Matic 429000301 42900.0301 Single Cup My Caf With Pulse Brew in Silver
Model #: 429000301

This single cup my cafe by Bunn-O-Matic is able to brew K-Cup packs, ground coffee, tea pods and more. This unit also offers pulse brew option to extract bolder flavor.

Bunn-O-Matic Products
Bunn-O-Matic 433000000 433000000 Trifecta MB With Exclusive Air Infusion Technology, Commercial-Inspired Design, Fine Gauge Metal Filter, in Silver
Model #: 433000000

This Trifecta MB by Bunn-O-Matic uses their exclusive Air Infusion Technology. This unit also features fine-gauge metal filters.

Bunn-O-Matic Products
Bunn-O-Matic 383000061 38300.0061 10 Cup Velocity Brew GR With Pour-O-Matic Drip-Free Glass Carafe, Internal Water Tank, in White
Model #: 383000061

This 10 cup veocity brew carafe by Bunn-O-Matic features BUNN-engineered sprayhead to ensures complete coffee-groudn extraction and internal water tank to keep water at the optimal temperature.

Smith and Hanks Products
Smith and Hanks CK100001 CK100001 Smith & Hanks Healthy Convection Oil less Airfryer 2.2L Capacity Low Fat Rapid Air Cooker, in Black
Model #: CK100001
Smith & Hanks Air fryer is a new, healthy way to cook your favorite foods evenly, while having a delicious fried taste without the added fat or calories. With our Smith & Hanks Air Fryer you can make tradition ...

Sharp Products
Sharp TET56UGR TE-T56U-GR Tea-Cere Matcha Maker with Patented Dual-Sick Ceramic Grinding System, in Green
Model #: TET56UGR
This Tea-Cere by Sharp allows you to enjoy authentic Matcha tea and also grinds and brews other tea leaves for hot or cold drinks. Featuring 4 easy steps the grinds, brews, whisks and serves up to 4 cups of tea, from ...

Nantucket Products
Nantucket RUM Premium Kitchen Collection RUM 18" Stainless Steel Roll Up Kitchen Mat
Model #: RUM
Nantucket Sinks roll-up kitchen mat has silicone capped ends for extra stability and grip. The mat can span across a 16 inch or smaller sink depth to air-dry glassware and utensils, rinse and drain produce. Use the mat ...

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