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Home Theater

    ExtenHD XEQ X-EQ HDMI Signal Equalizer
    Model #: XEQ
    The eXtenHD X-EQ HDMI Signal Equalizer is a device that helps prevent signal degradation when transmitting HDMI over long cable runs. It can correct digital error and provide 8dB of input equalization to compensate for c ...

    ExtenHD XSW42 XSW-42 4 X 2 Hdmi Switcher 1.3
    Model #: XSW42

    ExtenHD XSW-42 4 X 2 Hdmi Switcher 1.3. 

    ExtenHD XSW41 X-SW41 4x1 HDMI Switcher
    Model #: XSW41
    The eXtenHD X-SW41 4x1 HDMI Switcher is a device designed to switch HDMI signals. It also supports separate digital audio input and output. Use this unit to share multiple HDMI sources on one display, or multiple audio s ...

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