Pyle Products
Pyle PDWR30B Home PDWR30B 3.5-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Speakers (Black)
Model #: PDWR30B
PRODUCT FEATURES:Excellent for use on boats / marine / decks / patios / poolside / outdoorsCompletely water proof3.5" aluminum injection cone woofer40 Oz. magnet structure1" high compliance Myiar TweeterCapacitor crossov ...

Pyle Products
Pyle PDWR33 PDWR33 3.5" IN/OUTDOOR 200W Speaker
Model #: PDWR33
Pyle PDWR33 speakers have frequency response of 85Khz-20Khz designed for clarity and dependability. These speakers can handle up to a massive 200 watts which is plenty for a home patio or deck. This pair of speakers is p ...

Pyle Products
Pyle PDMN58 PDMN58 6.5" 300W MONITOR Speaker
Model #: PDMN58
Pyle PDMN58 Excellent for Monitor or Surround Sound Applications, 150 Watts RMS/200 Watts Peak, One Pair, 8 Ohm Mini Monitor, 6.5 Long Throw Woofer, 1 High Compliance Tweeter, Vented Design for High Output

HiFi Works 30005 HiFi Works 30005 HFW6R 6.5-Inch In-Ceiling Speakers, White (Pair)
Model #: 30005
Want great sound without all the clutter of traditional cabinet speakers? You have to go with in-ceiling speakers like the HFW6R. This 6-1/2"" two-way in-ceiling speaker system delivers high fidelity sound to any room in ...

Pyle Products
Pyle PDIC60 PDIC60 6.5 COAX CEILING Speaker
Model #: PDIC60
Pyle PDIC60 Built-in Electronic Crossover Network 4-8 Ohm Impedance 6.5' Long Throw Woofer 1' High Temperature Voice Coil 1' Directable Titanium Dome Tweeter Vented Design for Deep Bass Response

Pyle Products
Pyle PDICS54 Pyle Home PDICS54 5-Inch Full Range Speaker System with Transformer
Model #: PDICS54
5" Speaker Woofer System 0.76" High Temperature Voice Coil; 1.0" Tweeter Cup; 100 Watts Peak Power; Frequency Response: 90-16 KHz; SPL: 89 dB; 8 Ohm Impedance; 100V Transformer; 8 Ohm/ 5W; Overall Dimensions: 8.2"(W) x 8 ...

Pyle Products
Pyle PDIW52 PDIW52 5.25" Two WAY IN WALL Speakers
Model #: PDIW52
Pyle PDIW52 5.25 Long Throw Woofer, 1 High Temperature Voice Coil, 1 Directable Titanium Dome Tweeter, 200 Watts Rated Peak Power

Pyle Products
Pyle PDWR5T PDWR5T 5.25" 250W 30W TRANS IN/OUT Speaker
Model #: PDWR5T
The PYLE PDWR5T speaker is an excellent addition to any stereo system. Hook them up to your home theater system, or hook them up outside so you can listen music while you're relaxing on the deck. Feature 250 Watts of pea ...

Pyle Products
Pyle PDPC6T Pyle Home PDPC6T In-Ceiling Enclosed Speaker System
Model #: PDPC6T
6.5'' Long Throw Woofer 1'' High Temperature Voice Coil; 1'' Mylar Dome Tweeter; 250 Watts Rated Peak Power; Frequency Response: 60 Hz- 20K Hz; 8 Ohm Impedance; 70V transformer Tapping at: 8 Ohm, 0.25W, 0.5W, 1W, 2.5W, 5 ...

Pyle Products
Pyle PDWR40W Home PDWR40W 5.25-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Speakers (White)
Model #: PDWR40W
PRODUCT FEATURES:Excellent for use on boats/marine/decks/patios/poolside/outdoorsCompletely water proof5.25" aluminum injection cone woofer40 oz magnet structure1" high compliance Myiar tweeterCapacitor crossover network ...

Pyle Products
Pyle PLMR65C PLMR65C Hydra Series 250W 6.5-Inch 2 Way Marine Component Speaker System
Model #: PLMR65C
Hydra Series 250-Watt 6.5" 2-Way Marine Component Speaker System PLMR65C

Pyle Products
Pyle PLMRX69 PLMRX69 Hydra Series 300W 6-Inch x 9-Inch 2 Way Marine Speaker System
Model #: PLMRX69
Hydra Series 300-Watt 6" x 9" 2-Way Marine Speaker System PLMRX69

Boston Acoustics P400B P400B Single Speaker Surround System
Model #: P400B
The P400 is the ultimate in high performance flat panel sound. This revolutionary speaker is the first to provide left, center, and right channels in one simply stunning unit. ...

Pyle Products
Pyle PDWR53 PDWR53 5.25" 250W IN/OUTDOOR Speaker
Model #: PDWR53
Pyle Driver Pro Weatherproof 8 Ohm Speaker System. Optimized for sound sealed systems. Excellent for monitor or surround sound applications. 125 Watts RMS/250 Watts Peak.

KEF CI160FRII KEF CI160FRII In-Ceiling 6.5-Inch Full Range Speaker (Single)
Model #: CI160FRII
The full range CI160FRII echoes KEF┐s ideal to produce serious custom installation speakers at an affordable yet competitive price. They are well suited for the high quality music and speech reinforcement applications wh ...

KEF CI400WH KEF CI400WH 4-Inch 2-Way Uni-Q Wall Mount Satellite Speaker
Model #: CI400WH
Developed from the multi-award winning KHT2005, the CI400WH is an innovative loudspeaker offering many advantages and benefits to the professional installer. The discreet, but aesthetically pleasing, cast aluminum enclos ...

Hannspree KS0421U1001 HANNspree Berlin Wood 2.1 Channel Speaker System (KS04-21U1-001)
Model #: KS0421U1001
Wood Grain with HANNspree logo pattern 2.1 Channel Speaker System, Stereo Speakers with powered subwoofer

Hannspree KS0521U1002 HANNspree Circus 2.1 Channel Speaker System - Yellow (KS05-21U1-002)
Model #: KS0521U1002
Fun designed White and Yellow Circus Ball 2.1 Channel Speaker System, Stereo Speakers with powered subwoofer

Bogen S810T725PG8W Bogen S810T725PG8W - Speaker - 15 Watt - black
Model #: S810T725PG8W
The S810 loudspeaker with model T725 transformer is available mounted to a PG8W ceiling grille.

Lexmark T650A21A T65X Print Cartridge
Model #: T650A21A
PRODUCT FEATURES:Accurate technologyGenuine qualityEnvironmental focusCrisp printProfessional documentsGreat impressionsDependable

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