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Liners Inserts and Blowers

Create a superb ventilation system for kitchens with an assortment of liners, inserts, and blowers to add to your custom range hood. Appliances Connection carries only the best products from the top leading brands in home appliances.

If you don't have a fully completed range hood, cabinet inserts can be inserted into a shell hood, such as models from Bertazzoni, Thermador, and BlueStar. They feature the control panel, fans, and lights to enhance the kitchen experience. Many have an internal blower and are ducted to vent lingering smoke and odors from the inside to the outdoors. Most include a temperature sensor which detects high heat and causes blowers to automatically turn on. Find a cabinet insert that matches your cooktop or range. Sizes vary from 20 inches in width up to a larger 60 inches wide.

Insert liners provide a connecting point for the exhaust and are integrated inside the hood as a protection barrier, ensuring range hoods perform at their best for as long as possible. These stainless steel units can also include baffle or mesh filters to trap grease particles, along with some that feature lights for an illuminated cooking surface. Explore popular inserts from Dacor, Zephyr, and Sirius.

Blowers can be internal or external to accommodate home installations. Internal blowers are installed inside the hood, making it easy to access if maintenance is needed. External blowers are installed to an exterior wall or the roof, thus generating much lower noise levels when extracting smoggy air. Extraction rates range from 300 CFM up to an impressive 1500 CFM that will have a kitchen smoke-free in a snap. Browse the latest blowers from Viking and Thermador.

Liners, inserts, and blowers are great for those who want a more personalized kitchen design as opposed to having a standard all-in-one range hood. These can be used for all types of range hoods including island mount hoods, wall mount hoods, under cabinet hoods, downdraft hoods, and ceiling mount hoods.

Sirius Products
Sirius SU90621 SU90621 21" Professional Series Hood Insert with 600 CFM Internal Blower, LED Light Bar, and Aluminum Mesh Filters, in Stainless Steel
Model #: SU90621
  • Type: Cabinet Insert
  • Height: 13.79"
  • Volts: 120 Volts
  • Venting Type: Convertible
  • Exterior Width: 21"

Selected Exterior Width Options: 21"

Sirius SU90621


Sirius SU90634


Sirius Products
Sirius SU91921 SU91921 21" Hood Insert with 600 CFM Blower, in Stainless Steel
Model #: SU91921
  • Exterior Width: 21"
  • CFM: 600 CFM

Selected Exterior Width Options: 21"


Sirius SU91933


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Trade-Wind Products
Trade-Wind VSL448BF VSL448BF Designer Series 48" Liners With Quiet Operation, Enduring Quality, Distinctive Low Profile Design, Easy Installation, Easy Cleaning & Adjustable Motor Speed
Model #: VSL448BF
For those who need the ventilation performance as in the commercial style baffle filters, the Designer Series Trade-Wind liners will exceed your expectations. *Note: The motor is not included and should be purchas ...

Air King Products
Air King PIN900 PIN900 Stainless Steel Facia with Single Speed 900 CFM Blower
Model #: PIN900
  • Type: Insert Liner
  • Height: 10"
  • Volts: 120 Volts
  • Venting Type: Ducted
  • Exterior Width: 30"

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