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Dryers help dry wet laundry after they have been washed in the washer. They are available in gas and electric fuel types to accommodate household amenities. Some have a compact size of 15.5" wide, perfect for smaller living spaces. Dryers with a larger width up to 30" come with a more spacious full size capacity with up to 9.2 cu ft, suitable for a large family.

Most dryers feature a front load door which makes it easy to transfer heavy items into straight from the washing machine. This configuration allows them to be stacked with corresponding washers for a space-saving alternative to the common side-by-side pairing. A few dryers are even portable with a top load door, so you can easily place them just about anywhere.

Gas dryer are installed using a gas line and require venting to expel hot air to the outside. A few are LP convertible, which can be changed to liquid propane gas with a conversion kith. which This allows clothes to dry faster and prevent hot room temperatures.

For a ventless option, some electric dryers are just as impressive as their vented counterparts. Ventless dryers pull in cool air and heats it up in the drum material. Instead of being exhausted out, hot air is recycled until the items are fully dried so won't have to worry about external ventilation.

Most dryers have a reversible side wing door which allows for flexible placements in your home. Other door options include a hamper style that drops down as opposed to the common side swing configuration. A few are even ADA compliant by having digital and control knobs within a maximum forward reach of 48" and a low forward reach of 15".

And while dryers bring the heat for clothes, they won't do so for the planet in which many are Energy Star rated. A few operate as a smart appliance, allowing them to be operated by downloading an app onto your smart phone or voice assistant devices such as Alexa. Read dryer reviews of popular drying units from LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and more.

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