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Speed Ovens

No longer will you have to wait ages for a succulent meal. Speed ovens combine the flavor and texture retaining capability of a convection oven with microwave technology. This culinary innovation allows you cook chicken pot pies with a golden crust and juicy filling in less the time it would take in a traditional oven.

Single wall speed ovens with speed cooking modes have smaller interiors to accommodate microwave technology and convection fan(s). However, with capacities ranging from a compact 1.2 cu ft up to a larger 2.5 cu ft, they’re still big enough to roast a large turkey. Some are ADA compliant which makes them easily accessible by virtually everyone. Browse single speed ovens from brands including Smeg, Thermador, Miele, and more.

For those who love to show off their culinary skills and host lavish dinner parties, double wall speed ovens, such as those from Bosch Benchmark, Café, and Viking, will be great choice. These 30” wide double ovens offer greater versatility as they bring to bear the capabilities of both a speed oven and a traditional convection oven. Simply select your preferred cook mode from the digital control interface with a few simple taps of your finger.

Many speed ovens save you from the need for vigorous scrubbing as they feature a self-cleaning mode, while a few are equipped with an efficient and fast steam-clean function to easily loosen greasy build-up. Delay bake can conveniently start cooking dishes on time, even when you can’t be. Simply set the desired cook time and temperature, and let your speed oven work its magic.

With all the incredible features, it’s no surprise speed ovens have become popular amongst culinary necessities. Select from finishes and colors such as stainless steel, white, black, slate, blue, brown, and red, to find one that’s a match to your aesthetic style.

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