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Split System Air Conditioners

Split systems air conditioners consist of an indoor air handler and an outdoor condensing unit to provide centralized heating, ventilation, and cooling in your home. One of the benefits of these AC units is that they distribute consistent airflow throughout the entire home, as opposed to a single room like the ductless mini split systems.

What exactly is a condensing unit? Condensing units consist of a heat exchanger section, compressor, and blower to dissipate heat from cool air. An evaporator coil connects them to the air handler, which then pushes out air to the inside. Browse condensing units from MRCOOL and Bosch to add to your outdoor area.

Air handlers are the indoor units that make up half of the split system. They consist of a coil, blower motor, air supply and return plenum connections, and filter. They assist in regulating the air circulation of airflow and the temperature in your home that you have set on the thermostat. These units are usually concealed behind a wall, so they won't be a distraction to your home d├ęcor. Explore air handlers from brands Mitsubishi and LG to pair with your outdoor condensing unit.

Love to throw extravagant parties when the weather begins to warm up? Split systems can have a powerful cooling capacity of 60000 BTUs, ensuring all your guests stay cool during the hot summer days. They'll also keep temperatures toasty during the sweater weather months, providing comfortable temperatures all year round.

You won't even have to manually adjust temperatures on the thermostat. Many include a remote control so can set your preferred cooling and heating temperatures from the comforts of your chair. The timer can be programmed to an ideal cool temperature at a specific time, so that you walk into a comfortably cool home from on a hot day.

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