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Keep warm during the cold winter months with a wide variety of heating stoves. Much like a fireplace, heating stoves are used as a heat source to maintain comfortable temperatures in individual rooms. Appliances Connection offers heating stoves in various fuel types including coal, electric, gas, pellet, and woodburning to accommodate almost any living space.

Heating stoves will be a perfect fit for any home design with a wide selection of contemporary and traditional heating stoves to match your aesthetic tastes. These models are equipped with the latest advancement to provide the classic look and dancing flames of old-fashioned stoves, with an improved heating solution that won't harm the environment. Most stoves are EPA certified, burning cleanly with low emissions and help preserve our natural resources.

Crank up the heat without worrying about high utility bills. Wood heating stoves generate heat by burning wood logs as a fuel source, making them a great choice as a cost effective heater. Other heating stoves, such as coal heating stoves and pellet heating stoves, run similarly to this woodburning method.

Quickly get the heat started with gas heating stoves and electric heating stoves. Because these stoves are powered using your home amenities, you'll be able to turn them on and off with a simple touch of a button from the control panel. This also eliminates having to stock up on fuel sources and cleaning-up leftover ash.

In addition to providing pleasantly warm temperatures, some heating stoves are just as dependable as a culinary tool. Select stoves feature a cooktop surface, so you can top up party guests with mulled wine on a chilly evening.

From sizes, color finishes, venting types, features, and anything else you may have questions about, Appliances Connections has got you covered. Simply contact our team of expert salespeople who will gladly assist you in finding the perfect heating stove for your home. Read reviews from trusted brands including Empire, Napoleon, US Stove, and more.

Buck Stove Products
Buck Stove NVC329B4EBNAT Model 329B Series NV C329B4EBNAT Natural Gas Millivolt Stove
Model #: NVC329B4EBNAT
The Model 329 will make a beautiful addition to any home while providing amazing warmth. The 329 provides up to 33,000 BTU's and circulates warm air throughout your home with the factory installed variable speed blower s ...

Buck Stove Products
Buck Stove FP81 Model 81 Series FP 81 Wood Stove in Black
Model #: FP81
The model 81 is an outstanding choice for larger home heating requirements and exceeds expectations in form and function. Standard features include durable non-catalytic technology, factory installed variable speed blowe ...

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